Global Language Solutions

Pharmaceutical industry and related areas

Translation and Interpreting

Translation from and into different languages, sworn translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.

Editing, proofreading and review

Style and spell checking, language review.

Other services

Transcription, layout, medical writing, voice-over.

We are a company that specialises in providing language services, comprised of a group of professionals with years of experience in the arts and the health sciences.

High degree of specialisation

We work with translators, doctors, pharmacists, chemists, philologists and specialists in their disciplines who translate exclusively into their mother tongue.

Competitive rates

Our rates are based on the specialised medical and health translation market and guarantee global quality and the satisfaction of all our clients.

Confidentiality agreements

Pharmalexic is perfectly aware of the sensitive nature of the documents that it receives. Our strict code of confidentiality with our collaborators guarantees the utmost confidence between the company and its clients.

Stringent quality control

We work with a broad roster of carefully-selected freelance translators and proof-readers who guarantee quality of service at all times.

Quick turnaround times

Our highly specialised translation software manages a personalised terminology for each client, which allows significant savings in terms of time and costs.

Work volume-based agreements

We offer discounts by translation volume (for single orders or over a period of time).


To solve the translation and technical correction needs of any department of a pharmaceutical company (Regulatory Affairs, Communication, Human Resources, Legal, Medical) or any other company related to the industry, such as diagnostic products, infant nutrition, skin cosmetics and veterinary science, healthcare advertising agencies, CROs and medical publishers.


Scientific publications, summaries of product characteristics (SPCs), patient leaflets, expert reports, marketing authorisation applications and renewals, medical equipment and tools (software, manuals, leaflets), papers and presentations, advertising, legal correspondence, protocols, standard operating procedures, safety data sheets, case report forms, training and educational material, website content, etc.