Every now and again, a novel idea emerges which gives rise to new ways of working or expertise based on a deep and intimate understanding of the industry.

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Our mission

The international market is constantly changing. The economic indicators of one region increasingly affect those of others. As a result, the value of translation has grown exponentially and continues to do so. By delivering carefully translated documents to our clients, we create a culture of respect. At Pharmalexic, we strive to help our clients establish successful and profitable relationships.

Our mission is to help companies to overcome any kind of language barrier and to guarantee proper use of language in their professional communications with other countries. Our main objective is to enhance the image of our customers in international markets. With the help of clear and consistent online literature and content, our clients can convey their core values and additional benefits to a new multilingual target audience.

How we work

Translation software is not making translators obsolete. Has medical diagnostic software made doctors obsolete?

Nataly Kelly

To add further value to our business relationships with our clients, we use the most innovative translation and word-processing tools available on the market in every project.

Personalised glossaries and databases are generated and maintained for each client in order to improve long-term efficiency and to minimise the costs of repetitive tasks such as project management, translation, and editing or proofreading.

All our project managers have been trained to use these resources efficiently. This guarantees the consistent and constant delivery of high-quality translations, while also reducing the time and costs required for each project. As a result, our clients enjoy a greater budget to expand their business, and we have more time to dedicate to them.

Client portfolio
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